The fastest way for improving company culture

JellyTeam is fast and easy to use team and companywide Employeeship development tool. It supports your company in establishing behaviour and leadership awareness which drive your company culture and results.

JellyTeam enables team managers to take relevant decisions on employee and team development, hold productive appraisal interviews, recognize staff members for real behaviour and results, and supports open communication.

JellyTeam inspires all employees for finding positives in team and companywide behaviour, taking initiative in recognizing good behaviour and communicating openly throughout the organisation.


  • Improve employee behaviour and commitment, and create Employeeship.
  • Create participative companywide leadership behaviour, characterized by responsibility, loyalty, initiative and positive energy of everyone.
  • Inspire openness, trust and mutual respect.


  • Consistently monitor and reward performance.
  • Tie desired behaviour with company goals and key success criteria.
  • Align everyone's effort in common direction.


  • Manage reward programme and employee recognition options.
  • Develop personalized reward scheme, company and person relevant reward options.
  • Support team and company managers with real-time employee performance and behaviour information.